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What's New at Scout-O-Rama?

Here you will find the latest developments in Scout-O-Rama, to he held on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at PLU Olson Auditorium in Tacoma.

The Longest Pinewood Derby Track in Washington State will be at Scout-O-Rama,
Will YOU be there too?  Saturday, May 11, 2019, PLU Olson Auditorium

Greetings from Scout-O-Rama Headquarters, this is the latest installment in our weekly Scout-O-Rama update.

Only 107 more days till Scout-O-Rama, and there have been some significant developments in the past week!  

In this issue: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sign up your unit for a display booth!


Washington State's Longest Pinewood Derby Track!

Longest Pinewood Derby Track

Try racing your Pinewood Derby car on the longest track in Washington state at Scout-O-Rama!

This Track is 112 Feet Long!

Steve Wark's Pinewood Derby Track
The creation of Timberline District's Steve Wark and Jerry Livingston; the monster track!  See more here

Who Is Participating?

Over 30 Scout Units and individual Scouters have already signed up to host a display booth at Scout-O-Rama!

Don't miss out on this historical opportunity to be a part of the resurgence of the Scout-O-Rama of the 1950's - 1970's.

Sign up for a display booth today


Scout-O-Rama Patch Design Released!

Scout-O-Rama patch

The Scout-O-Rama patch is coming!
Find out how to get yours!

Coming to Scout-O-Rama:

The Reptile Man
The Reptile Man will be at Scout-O-Rama, with his Alligator, Gila Monster, Python, Gaboon Viper, Tortoise and more


Entertainment TBA

Stay tuned for updates!

Who Is Going to Be There?

View the 2018 venue floorplan

View the outdoor display area
View list of 2018 participating units

Set-up for unit Scout-O-Rama booths begins at 7 AM on Saturday, May 11, 2019. We ask that you be ready for the public to arrive by 10 AM. Teardown can begin at 4:05 PM and must be completed by 6 PM.

Why Should My Unit Participate?

  • Increase visibility of Scouting in your community
  • Recruit new members for your unit
  • Raise money for your unit through ticket sales
  • Networking and seeing what other units are doing with their Scouting programs
  • Earn patches and prizes!
Sign Up your Unit Today!!

Girl Cub Scouts - Family Scouting

BSA Launches New Family Scouting Program

I’m sure you’ve seen sisters tag along at Cub Scout meetings and events. You’ve watched them experience the fun of Scouting without earning any of the awards and recognition afforded their brothers.

And I bet you’ve heard from the busy moms and dads in your pack or troop who crave more time to interact with their kids.  A Scouting program for the whole family will help them maximize that time.  Now, they’ll get one great Scouting experience in one place.

For those of you who are not yet involved in Scouting, the BSA has recently announced a new program for girls, that allows them to become Cub Scouts, and participate right alongside their brothers, earning the same badges, and having the same experiences as them, as full members of the BSA.

Learn more about girls in Scouting at the Scout-O-Rama on May 11, 2019.  Get your tickets here.


New CSP Launched at Scout-O-Rama!

The Pacific Harbors Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) is retired, and a completely new design was launched at Scout-O-Rama 2018.

"First Edition" versions of this new CSP were available exclusively at Scout-O-Rama 2018.

Selling Scout-O-Rama Tickets

Scout-O-Rama patch

Scout Units will have an opportunity to earn patches and money for their units by selling tickets to the Scout-O-Rama.  Tickets cost $5 per person.

More details on ticket sale incentives may be found in the
Leader's Guide


If you want to participate in this event, please choose one of the following options:

  1. Register your Troop, Pack, Crew or Ship for a display booth (get registered)
  2. Sell Tickets to Scout-O-Rama (raise money for your unit)
  3. Information inquiries for Scout Units (ask a question)
  4. Volunteer as an Event Staffer
  5. FAQ's for Scout Units





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